Royal Babes

As all the world seems to know now, there is a new baby in the kingdom. Of course the excitement of a baby is always one that makes us all do a collective 'sigh'.  I am currently listening to a baby song list on Rdio to keep the dreamy feeling alive.  Now this all goes to say that you are hearing about the Royal birth.  But my mind is also on the upcoming new granddaughter that I will be getting to welcome into the world.

Excited to be a Nonnie for the 5th time.  Yes!  If you know me at all you would know that children are the joy of my life. Kiddos are what make me know that we should sing and dance.  Twirling around with a lil one in your arms is the physical manifestation of that love that bubbles from your heart when you hear them laugh and gurgle.  I am already putting up gifts for my own lil princess to arrive.

You might want to look up Little Me if you're wanting to have the perfect outfit for your own wee one.  Look at the gift I hope may be our Grace's coming home outfit this September when she makes her arrival.   I love the Vintage Rose on the white cotton background.  And it is ever so soft.  There is even a matching blanket.  Each item was only $16 so it is a very affordable going home outfit too! 

Everything I looked at on was so perfect.  Looking for that lil Prince?  How about the  Dashing Dachshund set?   Perfectly royal in the blue and white.  Don't you think this would have been a wonderful look for the new Prince?  Of course our own lil ones can be just as royal in each outfit we pick out.  Making sure that the materials are soft enough for their delicate skin yet can hold up to the many washings that will happen over time.

Well I have to go and see to dinner soon.  But I promise you I am still dreaming of my new Grandbabe to be.  Oh did I also tell you the older Grandbabes will be visiting with me next week?  Yeah, baby the fun will be on then!  Thanks so to Little Me for sending me the blanket, onesie and cap for my lil lady to be.

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