Help is on the Way

Did you hear the one about the Bear that walked into a Bar?  Well actually a bear did just that in Colorado.  It seems like the opening line to a bad joke but it seems that everyone took it pretty well.  See here

What else?  Well I am house/pet sitting again.  Seven big dogs this time.   Not a one of them that does not want to be in my lap either.  Big dogs always seem to think they can fit in my lap and lick my face.  Thank goodness I love them all so much.  They are having to share collars out here for the electric fence.  The dogs that normally live here know the boundaries but the others are not use to them.  With country life it is better to have an electric fence then to try and fence off a large area.  Yes, 4 of the 7 dogs are visiting.  I know, I know sounds odd but the way of life around here for me.  I think that all of them as well as my own and the many I care for need collars by Givebones.  Have you heard of them?  It is a movement to help save the lives of dogs by giving back to shelters and rescue groups.  If  you wish to support them and do not need a collar for your pet then you can also get a wrist bracelet that has 100% of the proceeds to go to the same cause.  Gosh just with the dogs I pet sit and my own would be 21 dogs.  Pretty impressive when you start thinking of just how many chances you have to share with others who can share back.

I am also helping out here by watering the lawn, many different gardens and having Dear Hubby help with the mowing.  It is a pretty large area that we help care for.  Texas summer heat and the wind alone that blows around can give you a pretty good burn.  Let me not forget time in the unheated hot tub.  (Who needs more heat in the summer?)  I am pretty cautious about getting burned but the wind has kicked up and help my face get pretty red.  I am using SunBurnt after sun gel to help sooth and hydrate my skin so it does not peel.  It also is quite cooling which I am thankful for.  With so many that are bothered by chemicals it is nice to know this is homeopathic and lidocaine free.  There is also the First Degree burn cream that is a must for me in the kitchen.  I am the first one to get popped by oil or drag my arm across the top of the oven when rushing to get a meal done.  It is well known that there is normally a burn or two on me if I have been trying to fix a big meal.   You can find these at Walgreens too.

Now then what else?  Oh phone call just now too.  Gosh it seems that one of the cars just broke down with Granny M and Big Bro in it.  Dear Hubby is off to the rescue.  If it is not one thing then it is the other right?  Somedays I wonder what we would do if everything just went smoothly.  Guess I need to pop off here and tend to the dogs.  Thanks to the companies for providing samples for me.  It is all greatly appreciated. 

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