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I saw this while I was gone on girlfriend vacation and laughed because that is how cranky I get when I am not getting to eat.  I promise by day 4 of "I need to be eating right" I was fussy as can be.  Nothing a lil wine and a steak did not fix though. 

But I do try and watch what I eat and not just as it goes into my mouth.  Of course we all like our comfort foods.  One of mine is grilled cheese sandwiches.  As a matter of fact it paired up great with my Crisproot cassava root chips.  Sounds odd, well think of it, potatoes are just a root too.  I loved the Thai Ginger Crisproot chips with my lunch.  They have that right amount of pop that perks up the chip into one of satisfaction.  For those that have to watch out, these are gluten free too!  They are also 30% less fat and double the fiber than regular chips.  You can have the original chips or even sea salt.  But this group here goes for the bar-b-que (hey we are Texans) and like I said the Thai Ginger for myself. These have the ridges that hold on to dips as well as being a thicker chip so they do not crumble.  You can check out the amazing dip recipes that are paired with each chip here. 

We are also having a wonderful fruit blast in the morning to start our day.  Especially Dear Hubby as we feel it is a great addition to his heart healthy program.  This is an all natural health building super food that mixes in with cold water and a lil apple juice.  I am stoked that Miracle Reds by Macro Life Naturals is great for anti-aging from the antioxidants (we have to look at this now in our mid-life) but also that it is able to strengthen the immune system.  Dear Hubby is like the energizer bunny in his keep going attitude but it is nice to have the back up of 1 billion immune boosting probiotic cultures in his morning drink.  This is also good for calming food cravings for a natural weight loss.  Of course there is no common allergens here or GMOs.  The Macro Greens we tried was a wonderful energy booster so we had to test out the Miracle Reds.   You know if you find a product that works and a company that stands behind it, then it only makes sense to return to them for the best support.  Macro Life is doing just that over and over again.

So we have a great drink to start our day.  We try to make smart food choices at the same time knowing that we have comfort foods that we like to indulge in from time to time.  Is there a balance?  I like to think so.  You can race your car on the best gas around to get the most of it but you can also put it on cruise control and love the sights along the trip.  I like to think of life that way.  Trying to put the best inside and take the most out of the trip too.  Thanks so to these companies for supporting me in these choices and providing me with samples to try out.

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