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Have you used one of the Green Pans?  No not that one you see on the infomercial.  But The Original Green Pan.  Well I did this week.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  Now not for the reasons your thinking either.  Let me explain.

You know that coating they put on pans to help them not stick.  It is called PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylen). Remember the pan that was non-stick until it became always stuck?  It is because the coating breaks down with high heat.  And your like the Texas women around here then you know how to cook a chicken fried steak.  It takes a high heat to work good.  But as soon as the coating breaks down you had harmful fumes being released.  Well to add to that very often the pans were made from aluminium and would warp.

Now I am a little different as I said.  It is due to the fact I am ALLERGIC to ALUMINIUM!  Really, odd but true.  We do not use any foil in our home and I have to watch for those parties where every one uses a throw away dish to travel with.  So I have had the chance to try out The Original Green Pan.  I did, but the most important thing to me was that it worked and I did not get ill.  You see it has a extra durable hard anodized aluminum surface with a thick upcycled forged aluminum base.

So I cooked me up a meal.  Of course I first read how the pan was to be used and washed it up.  A pat of butter was put in.  Even if it is a nonstick pan, I still want the flavors that make everything so yummy.

Then I added my cut up veggies.  Oh how I love fresh veggies.  They cooked up like a dream.  Also some grilled chicken that was left over in my fridge.

But to clean the pan, well simple.  I set it aside (really, would never do this before for food would stick) to cool while I enjoyed my meal.  I added in some grapes, blackberries and apple bread.  Well, I should say, the cup of coffee that is ever present with me!  Oh the joy of actually sitting down to eat BEFORE I do the dishes.  After my meal I took a paper towel and wiped out the pan.  It looked good already.  But of course I washed it along with my dinner plate and fork.  Dried all off and put them up.  Easiest clean up ever.  Now I did use a plastic spoon when I cooked to not scratch the surface and a sponge to wash again to not scratch the pan.

The best part of all.  I did not get sick.  No nausea, no headache, not even a lil bit of feeling off.  Yes, the aluminum did not come through the pan to my food.  This is amazing for me.  Small set back, the handle does get warm since it is stainless steel and is riveted to the pan.  So use a oven glove to touch it while cooking.

Now I will give you all the scientific stuff.

60% less CO2 emissions
Thermolon non-stick Technology
Resist heat up to 850°F

Here is the best part of all!  The Original Green Pan has teamed up with Crazed Mind to give away one pan to one of my readers!  YIPPPPPEEEEE!  We all love to win something.  Just ask Dawn, she was a two time winner this month.  So just enter using the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. It is super easy to clean! YES! Just what I need!

  2. I learned that, thanks to Thermolon Technology, "if you overheat your pan, even up to 450/850, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel."
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  3. The handles come in stay-cool bakelite or oven safe stainless steel!

    barbs562 AT gmail DOT com

  4. Thermolon™ conducts heat better than traditional coatings resulting in fantastic searing and/or frying!

  5. I learned that it is healthier safer to use than other pans

  6. i learned that they are easy to clean

  7. I learned that the pans are more convinent to use and nothing sticks to them.
    Deirdra Frazier

  8. I learned that this product efficiently heats and is super easy to clean.

  9. I learned that even if the pan is superheated, no toxic fumes will be released.

  10. I learned that the coating on the pan will not peel (a problem I currently have with my pans). And I LOVE that they are really easy to clean!


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