Make a Big Splash

Summer is here in full swing. So it is time to get everything back in gear for fun in the sun.  I thought I would share some reminders of pool safety.  I think of this as Princess Emma is getting ready to have her pool set up.  
Big Splash Safety Tips

Keep Kids Close:  Also remember if your taking the kiddos to a city pool or one of the pool theme parks then you should check out the Safety Tat.  I love it!  I know it will be going on the grandbabes when we venture out of my comfort zone.  Simple waterless skin applique that you can write on.  The is a pen included that works on the 'tattoo'.  Oh and know that you can also get allergy alert tats too!  These are waterproof so you will be safe while swimming.  I am putting some in my car so they will be ready when I am.

Kid-Friendly Goggles: We all know the sting from opening your eyes under chlorine water but as a kid, seeing what lurks in the depths of the pool is just too tempting! To make sure that your little divers eyes aren’t red when they come up for air, pack a Fun Kids Dive Mask. The playful character dive masks are fun for kids and comfortable too!

Germ Fighting Wristband: With public pools and restrooms comes a slew of germs! Since it isn’t always easy to quickly wash your kids’ hand – and since we don’t always know what exactly they got their hands on, a sanitizer wristband, like Halo Sani-Cuffs keep kids entertained, stylish and germ-free. This healthy accessory - a wearable, refillable, dispenser of hand sanitizer distributed at the push of a button - gives parents peace-of-mind that their little ones are never more than an arm’s length away from fighting germs.

Mini First Aid Kit – Its inevitable for kids to get a few scrapes while fooling around on the water slides or in the sand and since we can’t protect them 24/7, you can always ensure you will be there to help them feel better after they get hurt! Be best prepared with a mini first aid kid and know that you will have everything you need to patch them up!

Fun Floaties – It is always important to bring kids to places where adults and lifeguards are present, but with so many children running around it can be easy to slip and fall-in. With Aqua Leisure Fabric Floaties, kids will not only be safe, but you can keep them stylish as well! These are also a great addition for the little ones who are new to the poolside scene!

Insect Repellant: As soon as your little ones are done swimming, the sooner mosquitoes start swarming. To prevent those nasty, itchy bites after a day at the pool, spray your kids down with BiteBlocker – a family safe insect repellent that’s both sweat proof and safe for kids!

Safe Sunscreen: A day in the sun could mean a night full of tears if your kids aren’t protected from the summer rays. To avoid sunburns without having to reapply sunscreen each time they take a dip in the pool, try a water resistant and pediatrician tested sunscreen like Coppertone’s Wet n’ Clear for Kids.

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