Heck Yeah, I AM Nuts

I tried something today that shocked the tar out of me!  Honestly.

I know I am crazy.  Certified at that.  But when I was told that I could do my laundry with nuts to clean it....Ha Ha Ha!  Sure.  Hey, I am game to trying out all kinds of things.  So what is there to lose?

Well today I am finally home after a month of house/pet sitting elsewhere.  And sure enough I have had to clean everything.  It is just not clean til mom cleans it right?  Just so happens these 'magic nuts' arrived in the mail mid afternoon.

I was laughing and saying okay I will give them a test run.  So I put my dirty rags, nasty sheet the dogs have been laying on for the last month and the floor mops to clean up.  See the lil cotton bag in the middle of this mess?  That is the Eco Nuts, well 5 of them are in the bag.

Then I followed the directions on the box of Eco Nuts.  It is an organic laundry soap.  Now let me tell you what they say.  Eco Nuts are dried berry shells from the Sapindus mukorossi or soapberry tree in Asia.  Yeah, dried berries to go in my laundry.  Well you take 4 or 5 of them and put in the cotton bag they enclosed.  Pop it in the laundry (no soap or anything to help) and turn it on.  The bag of nuts will last about 10 loads.  And it is safe for regular or HE washers.  Also it can help if you have skin allergies to laundry soap.  Hummm....okay, so does it work?  Well I washed the items and then hung them on the line to dry.  Hey, we are going to go organic all the way here!  Of course, I always use the clothes line.  What do you think?

Yeah, I know...like amazing WOW!  I never thought this would work.  But it does. Better than that do you see that kitchen towel to the right.  I have had that in my rag bag.  You see it ended up being used to soak up some cooking oil.  No matter what I washed it in and with any amount of bleach it was still grey and did not soak up any water!  It is now soft, white and soaks up water too.  Yes, Eco Nuts took out months of old oil that I know over 15 washes never did!  This is going back into my cup towel drawer and out of the rag bag.

You know, you never know what is going to happen.  This is one of those time.  So import, expensive and all that right?  Wrong again.  A box that will do 100 loads is only $9.99 a box.  YES, only .09 cents a load.  Can you believe that?

So yes, this is a review. One I did not think would work.  Not paid, not endorsed only sent me a lil ol box of Eco Nuts.  (Wrong! They sent the 100 load box actually and I am thrilled!)  And more than anything it works!  YIPEEEEEE!


  1. That is crazy. I can't believe it worked!

    1. Me either. I was ready to laugh at the mess. But they proved me wrong. Happily so!

  2. I can't believe that it worked either. I am so skeptical about stuff like that. But hey, my Texas sister from another family, I do believe what you tell me. I will have to look around for these. Thanks for sharing!!


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