Blessings Bursting Out Everywhere I Look

Hey everyone.  I have to say it is a lovely Sunday around here.  One of those lazy days that make you happy to have the life you enjoy.  Let me give you a lil run down of my happiness today.

I got to cuddle in Dear Hubby's arms while curled up on the couch.  That is the best feeling ever!

JD came out to have breakfast with us this morning.  She gave us the best compliment ever.  She said "I love that I get to spend this morning with my two favorite people in the world!"  Now you tell me how many mid twenty year olds would say that to their parents?  Wonderful she loves us so.

We was able to spend a lil time visiting with my mom-in-law as she is still in the nursing home recovering.  It was great to talk and catch up.  But it was wonderful to see so many smiles on so many faces.  People out and interactive.  Lovely Sunday there!

While enjoying my ice cream cone (that Dear Hubby treated me to) I waved hello to a man driving a tractor down the main street.  We stopped and told a woman how lovely it was to see the white picket fence that she has been putting up all by herself.  I mean she is taking old fencing and cutting the pickets then painting them to create her own fence.  Beautiful

And best of all when I opened my email I had a guest post from The Other Mother sharing how she is doing better now...more energy to do all she has to do.  That is always a wonderful help.  Here I will let you read it yourself.

I (the Other Mother) was recently given the opportunity to try Macro Life Naturals Macro Greens. This is a gluten free non allergenic formula with no sugar added, no artificial colors and no fillers. Macro Greens are all organic, vegan, raw and all natural. Now, a little back story from me. I have Lyme disease. It affects everything I do in ways you just would not think about. I wake up in the morning feeling like I have the worst case of the flu you could imagine and did physical labor all night. I am tired and weak most of the time and have NO, as in ZERO stamina! This disease effects my absorption of nutrients so it is hard for me to get all the vitamins and minerals I need. I am a big girl, but not from poor food choices. I pay a lot of attention to my nutrition and what I put into my body. Also, being the mom of a princess, I want her to know what is good for her and tastes good. It is important to me that she have a good relationship with food. I have a whey protein shake every morning with fresh fruit mixed in. I also add a scoop of powdered vitamins as they are easier to absorb. It helps keep me going but every day tasks are often still difficult. I added Macro Greens to my daily regime and WOW! Within 4 days I could really tell a difference in the amount I was able to do without a break. My stamina is so much better than it was before. There are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and 18 million probiotics in each scoop. This is an amazing product as far as I am concerned. The smell is very green but the flavor is not as strong as the smell. I do find it separates if you mix with juice or water so I add it to my protein shake and it seems to bind with the milk better. This will be a product I continue to purchase in the future.

Yes, I was able to share my MacroLife Naturals Magro Greens with her. I knew it would not help with her disease but I did know that she was already drinking protein drinks.  Since this is new to me I wanted a second 'test subject' to help me out.  I also have been trying the Macro Greens.  I agree it does have an alfalfa smell to it.  But the flavor is not bad.  I have been doing mine in ice blended with apple juice and the Macro Greens.  I do have to say that I too have noticed an energy burst.  I credit this extra energy for helping me do some major cleaning lately.  AND not wearing out!  I have also lost some weight.  Seven pounds so far.  Now I can not say it is the Macro Greens that has done it or if it is me moving more while eating a lil better.  Whatever it is, I am enjoying the results. 

I did see that they also have Macro Reds that is from fruits. I love that it has antioxidants to help with the aging process.  That is something I am becoming more and more aware of.   This one too helps with you immune system and gives you that boost when recovering from exercise.  I feel that is just what has happened for me when cleaning the houses for others while house sitting.  And they have loved the results of coming home to a house all set up and ready for them! 

Thanks so for MacroLife for sharing their product with me.  It seems it is more than a two thumbs up.  With our budgets we are already looking how to purchase together to increase our buying power to get more BANG for the buck!

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