Pain...yeah, Pain

Today was a busy one for me.  Well actually the last two days have been.  On my feet for hours and hours on end.  I also had a wonderful time putting together a nice big meal.  We had a guest and JD was able to come home for dinner.

But now I am paying for it.  I have tried to sleep but the pain in my joints is more than I can bear.  It is the worst when I lay down because I am putting pressure on my joints from my own body weight.  Just not worth it in the long run.

Do you know what it is like when even your fingertips hurt?  Right now I can not place a single part of my body that does not cry out.  This is one of those oh crap nights.  As it would be everyone is quietly asleep and I do not wish to bother anyone either.  So I am trying to find a way to just make the night pass.

Our home is made like a big donut.  Each room opens onto another one.  So to go from our bedroom we must go through another persons bedroom.  Thus for me to venture out, I am not only disrupting Dear Hubby but also Big Bubba or Granny M.  The same goes if you have to go to the bathroom for each one is located in off of another bedroom.  Old homes were built for ventilation not privacy.

But I can not imagine I can go the whole night and not do my best to try and get to the front of the house with a book to read.  If so then at least I can sit up and not bother everyone.  Of course, I could also put up all the clean dishes, sweep and load up the car for my next house/pet sitting gig tomorrow. I do just that!

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  1. Praying that this morning finds you in less pain..Try to get some rest... And dont work so hard today so you can rest tonight....Take Care


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