Eat Your Vegetables Dear

 I had the best lunch the other day.
I cut up all kinds of veggies that are currently in season.
Do you not adore the rainbow of colors there?

Then I opened up my jar of Cheesy Red by The Sneaky Chef.
You see there are 8 hidden veggies in the jar.  Like sweet potato, carrots, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, cauliflower and celery.  Now I adore all of these veggies but quite often you have a hard time with children eating enough of what is good for them.   These versatile and convenient sauces contain a full serving of vegetables in every 1/2 cup and are available in two delicious flavors, including Smooth Red and Cheesy Red.

Now the big thing for me is I do not care for the heavy flavor in red sauces.  So once I opened the jar I took a lil sample of the sauce to taste.  WOW!  It was so light to my taste.  I really appreciate that!

So once my veggies were about all cooked I added some of the Cheesy Red to them.

Heated the dish all the way through.

And then enjoyed my lunch.  It was beautiful to look at and wonderful to the taste.  I never need noodles to enjoy this sauce.  I plan on using the The Smooth Red sauce on my Naan bread for pizza sauce!  Thanks to that Sneaky Chef  for sending them to me to sample.

Oh and I have to tell you of the best spread ever for sandwiches or heck to eat right off the spoon.  Like I said above I do not like heavy flavors.  And peanut butter is always so thick and gooey to me that I choose not to eat it.  Of course there are so many who are allergic to nuts too.  So it was a great test to try the Sneaky Chef's No Nut Butter.  I love it on celery the best.

Now this is what I did.  (I learned a lil about being sneaky too.)  While my family and friends were with me I gave them each a spoon of No Nut Butter and told them to wait to put it in their mouth.  I wanted everyone to be able to see each other so we could see what reactions everyone had.  At 1 - 2 - 3 - GO, everyone plopped the spoon in their mouth.  You should have see the eye brows raise, hear the 'mmmmmmm's" and several held there spoon out for more!  I asked them what was it they were eating.  A strong winner was Cashew Butter.  I shook my head No.  Then they guessed and guessed.

When I finally told them it was No Nut Butter they were shocked.  The Sneaky Chef No-Nut-Butter is 100 percent peanut, tree nut and soy free spreads made from naturally sweet and nutty golden peas that are perfect for kids, especially those who suffer from nut allergies. This product is ideal for sandwiches, cookies or straight out of the jar.  So I started spreading the butter and caramel on apple bread for everyone to enjoy.  I have to say this is tons better tasting to me than peanut butter.

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