Passed on Pinned

I hate it when a book just does not work out.  Especially when I read the whole thing in hopes that things will change.  Alas in Pinned it never became any better.  Wait... at least it eventually stopped all the sex acts being told about over and over again.  Charles W. Massie contacted me and asked for me to review his true story.  He sent me his book in order to do just that.  No payment was exchanged and all opinions are my own.

I hate that Mark Casey felt he was given a raw deal.  But from what I have read in his true life account he walked into it with his eyes wide opened.  That he was burned and left holding the bag was not a surprise.  Seriously when you meet a stranger off of Craigs List that ends up showing you they have no visible means of support and fly off the handle at the smallest thing time and time again, why stay with them.  Now add in they have a drinking and drug problem that is easy to see.  Cut your ties and go on with you life to be healthy.  That Mark did not (aka Charles W. Massie the author) only goes to show that he is either guilty of doing some of the charges or a very poor judge of character.

But most of all he wrote a book that I really wish I had not read.  Sorry Charles, I do not like to give out bad reviews.  Pinned just did not pin me the right way.

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