Yeah, I have been MIA (missing in action) lately.  I have to say this for I have been going none stop yet feel like I am not getting a dang thing accomplished.  Well at least here on my blog.  I promise (pinkie swear) that this will be fixed by tomorrow or else.  But in the mean time let me show off a lil of what I have been up too.

We picked up another dog/house sitting job this last weekend.  Two lovely labs that were happy to keep us entertained.  Here is Missy.  She is so dedicated.  Will be right beside you all the time.  So very sweet and loving.  And this is Dear Hubby playing Frisbee golf with Coco.  They were happy to run after the Frisbee as we tossed them around the big ol back yard.

I was given some photos to go through.  Well when I was looking I found this very silly old photo of Dear Hubby.  Yeah that's his lil buddy Garfield with him!  Oh and Princess Emma was in the hospital because of appendices.  Yeah it ruptured and she was taken by care flight to the big city for emergency surgery.  We were all so scared.  But she is doing so much better now!  

Oh and look at all the shelf safe milk I have to show off from the  Milk Unleashed Campaign.  This is still such a new idea to me.  Princess Emma is an expert already since this is how she carries her milk to school with her.  No mess and easy to open.  She does not have to worry about having in kept cold to keep it ready to drink either.  I love this.  The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends milk and water as the healthiest beverages to give toddlers age one to three. Thanks to shelf safe milk, it’s easy to take nutritious milk on the go.  

Shelf safe milk is real, Grade A milk that is ultra pasteurized,  packaged in a shelf safe Tetra Pak milk box (similar to a juice box or carton of soup) and doesn’t require refrigeration until opened (no preservatives added). Single-serving milk boxes – similar to juice boxes – can be stored in the pantry for up to six months without refrigeration.  Perfect to toss into the diaper bag, purse or keep a few in the car. You can call it Milk Unleashed!

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