Long Day Happy Night

Whew, it has been a long one today.  And now the rain is here too.  I have been working on 4 different reviews today.  Honestly!  You will be hearing about them all soon enough.  But let me tell you that it has been one very long booger bear of a day.  The only relief in sight is crawling into bed tonight and finishing the book I am reading.

Wishing on Willows has been my night time companion and I am really glad.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.  Katie Ganshert introduced me to Peaks and its residents with Wildflowers from Winter.  Now we are back for another visit to see how life is progressing.  I have to say that Robin Price's shop, the Willow Tree Cafe, is not making it in the black yet.  Also there is a new guy in town and he wants to help Peaks make some changes, modernize, grow.  Yeah, right where Robins shop sits.  Ian McKay needs this venture to go through to help keep his families company from going under.  Yet it looks like Robin's cafe is falling apart at the seams and her dreams are unraveling all around her.  (Read Chapter One here.)

You see why I have to get to bed tonight.  I need to find out if Ian gets to build and what happens with Robin.  Of course I have thought of compromises in my head.  I wonder if any of them could come true?  So leave it to be told I worked my tussie off today.  I mean it I really did. I need to rest and unwind.  So Peaks here I come!


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