Wildflowers from Winter

I am so thankful to have all the books sent to me that I do. I swear they are the only thing that holds my sanity sometimes.  Reading has always been my escape.  When I am tired or stressed it is how I cope.  But I also want books that are true to life.  Ones that do not have a dashing man on his white horse riding in to save the lil lady.  Dang us lil ladies can save ourselves.  What we all want is that dashing man (not so in looks as much as in heart) to be there beside us holding our hand.  Listening to us when we need to talk (and oh we ever need to talk) with out always trying to fix things for us.  To trust and love us when we are at our best or looking our worst.  

When I read Wildflowers from Winter this last month it had many of those very things in it.  Bethany our lil lady of the story had made a life for herself.  Coming up from living in a trailer in a lil Iowa town to making it on her own in Chicago.  Successful enough to pay the bills and be recogonized as the hard worker she had always been.  But life tends to always draw us back home for one reason or another.  And yes it often is from a death in the family.  For Bethany it was her Grandfather who pulled her back to say her goodbyes.  What was not expected is the young man he had nutured much like he had done his own granddaugher.  Evan was right there by his side helping where once a strong man was no longer able to do with age.  

What I like the most from Wildflowers from Winter was that is was realistic in the feelings Bethany had.  And her struggles where ones I think we all can relate too.  Having it be a Christian based book makes me happier too for I feel we need a higher power to rely on for personal strength.  What I did not like was the unrealistic details of land valued at over a million dollars was left to her.  And that she decided to not sell it to stay in an area where she had worked all her life to escape.  Not that love and a good life is not worth the exchange but that it is not realistic that one would turn away from the new life they created and give up that kind of financial security when they grew up with out it.

Wildflowers from Winter
Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert
 "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

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