Bugs Are Fun

I have the first of the birthday gifts for the Grandbabes here.  Yeah it is time for me to start hoarding for birthdays once again.  I do this from the first of the year through.  Once birthdays are done I start up again for Christmas.  By the way did I tell you I am going to be Nonnie for the 4th time soon!  Yeah, so happy that grandbabe #4 will be here mid summer.  This will be a lil brother or sister to our Turtle.  Well let me share with you my latest find.  I think this one will be for the Turtle.  (Stacy your not suppose to know this!)  

Budding Biologist: Am I an Insect? is an  easy-to-read children’s book that I plan on sharing with the Grandbabes.  It has beautiful artwork by Katy Castronovo that supports the story written by Kristine Callis-Duehl.  I love  that it is an engaging book that will help the kiddos learn fun facts of insects.  I am a very straight forward thinker Am I an Insect? is written just like that.  Going from fact to fact in a logical procession. 

Thanks so to Ms. Callis-Duehl and Ms. Castronovofor sharing this book with me.  They are starting a series of books.  Where Do I Live? is the next book to be released sometime this spring. 

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