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Recently, I have had the opportunity to read Not Your Mother's Book....on Dogs. This book was created by Dahlynn McKowen, Ken McKowen and Kathleene Baker. It is a wonderful collection of stories written by real dog owners. I know in the world, there are cat people and dog people. I am an animal person but I have a particular affinity for dogs. Especially big dogs or dogs no one else would ever have... for various reasons. I have been through some very interesting things with my dogs so it was really great to get to read about the antics of  other people's companions.  

There are stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and some where you will laugh until you cry. More than the entertainment, you are able to see the lessons which our dogs teach us in many of these stories. We may spend out time trying to train them to sit or stay or walk on a leash, but they spend their time teaching us to love whole heartedly, enjoy the moment, and give freely of ourselves with no regard of whether or not we get anything more from it than knowing it was a good thing to do. I really love the format of the book because I can finish a story in a short amount of time and if I need to put it down to do something else, then I do not feel like I am left hanging. I have been reading these stories while waiting to pick up my daughter from school. I can only imagine what the other parents are thinking when they see me sitting in my car, looking down at my lap and laughing like a fool!

I was really moved by the affection and humor in this book and enjoyed reading it very much. I am sure this one will go on the shelf to read again. I would like to thank Crazed Mind for this lovely gift. I could not imagine my home without at least one canine friend, nor would I want to!

Thanks to The Other Mother for this great review.  Yes, I gave her the book but I do not know of anyone who loves dogs as much as she does!  Thanks so to my fellow Texan Kathleene Baker for sharing with us too.  

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  1. Loved reading this terrific review! Many, many thanks.

    Kathleene (Kathy) Baker


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