Telling Secrets

I wanted to drop a quick note to share my latest happy find.  You see I am from the south and all Texan.  But I am not a ice tea drinker.  Yeah I heard that gasp!  Lil on I never drink sweet tea.  Honestly.  Top it off I don't make it because I am always unsure as to how much sugar to put in.  So I have a wonderful FAST short cut.  Old Orchard now has Sweet Tea.  Yipee!

Just open the can, pour it into your tea picture.  Add three cans of cold water and stir.  Fill with ice and keep your secret all to yourself.  Fast, sweet, refreshing and with no muss or fuss.  This is my go too with my family get together.

By the way did you know that frozen juice concentrates can offer advantages over bottled varieties of juice.  Namely, the often they provide a greater value per ounce than equivalent bottled varieties of juice. In addition, because you are/tasting it when it is “first made,” frozen concentrates offer a “fresh-when-you-make-it” juice experience.  Finally, there is an environmental impact as well due to the small light-weight containers used in frozen juice vs. the large 64-ounce bottles of ready-to-drink juice.  You can also recycle the lids and the cardboard containers.  We often keep the containers to use for our plant starters.  Just the perfect size to get a seedling started up in.

Other lil known facts:

·         Kids love apple, orange and grape juices, and Harvest Select is a new line of value-priced ($.99) juice cocktails that provide a full recommended amount Daily Vitamin C at an incredible price per ounce. Each can reconstitutes to 48 ounces, or six servings
·         Ready-to-drink iced teas are very popular right now, but they are often pricey.  Old Orchard brands has introduced a line of Sweet Teas in frozen concentrate form that are Just $1.49 per 12 ounce can, which is less than $.25 per glass.  Available in Southern Style (lightly sweetened black tea) and Half & Half, which is a combination of sweet tea and lemonade.
·         Finally, Old Orchard’s 100% Juice Concentrate (available in a wide range of juice-blends) are now available at a majority of Walmart stores. These are 100% juices that offer a full serving of fruit in each 8-ounce glass in a convenient, affordable juice.  Each 12-ounce can is  $1.49 and each can reconstitutes to six servings of 100% juice.   

Old Orchard was kind enough to send me coupons to get juice and tea.  I had to go to Walmart to pick it up since our one lil ol grocery store did not carry Old Orchard.  But you might check out you local grocery too.  I am wanting to share with y'all too.  So just leave me a comment telling me your favorite secret for juice or tea picker uppers.  Mine is cucumber ginger lemonade.  I use one can of Old Orchard lemonade with one thin sliced cucumbers and fresh grated ginger.   Add water, stir and let sit overnight.  I promise this is the lightest most delicious lemonade ever.  Now your turn!


  1. Add a dash or 2 of Angostura Bitters- I guarantee you will love it!

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