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I believe that over 50% of my well being with my mental illness (combined depression and anxiety) are overcome not by medicine but by a positive attitude. Now this is my belief for me, not what I feel everyone should do and never forgo your medication.  But it really does help to look on the brighter side of life.

When I was at SMU Meadows Art Museum I noticed these two statues outside.  They were flanking on either side of one walkway.  It was so easy to see one could choose their own path.  Either go one way and choose joy or go another and fall into saddness.

This is why I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  They help you stay on the positive side of thought.  As a matter of fact they even have "The Power of Positive" as one of the books you can choose.  It is easy choices you can make that sometimes make the biggest difference in life.  For example I can choose to go on a 30 minute walk today.  Then choose to do so again tomorrow and the next and the next.  That becomes a habit of choice.  That exercise can help my weight, my heart and also my outlook.  But it started with a positive choice.

You can see many of those choices in CSftS "The Power of Positive"  Choosing to like yourself, stop seeing the negative.  Like me saying "I'm fat" when my Dear Hubby is telling me he finds me sexy.  Or not sweating the small stuff.  Don't they say it is all small stuff after all?  You can choose to give, take control, challenge yourself or even relax.  What it is you need to do to stay positive.  If you need inspiration then look at CSftS.  I bet you will find more than one or two of the 101 stories that hit the right cord.

Thanks ever for Chicken Soup for sharing with me.  I am always happy to have a new book from you.  This is one that really hits home too!

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