Think Happy Thoughts

Don't you love this message?  I do.  I fight depression and I do mean that.  I fight it tooth and nail.  That means it takes a concentrated effort to keep happy thoughts in the foreground of my mind.  With reminders like this it is so much easier.  Besides that the bright colors makes me so happy...and gosh....just want to DANCE!  We all know that THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO DANCE.

Well I was lucky to get this rug from Natural Life.  They have a whole bunch of happy thoughts.  Natural Life evolved from founder Patti Hughes’ love for creating sentimental photo keepsakes. Her passion developed into a business in 1996, and since has grown to offer an assortment of colorful clothes, fun accessories and unique gifts, all of which represent the Natural Life belief that thoughtful, heartfelt products inspire others to give, love and laugh.

Natural Life is available at speciality stores throughout the US, online and its very own Jacksonville, FL store.  They were kind enough to send me this rug for review.  As you can did the trick and made me very happy!

Here is a few things I would like to have for myself or as gifts.

For by brother who travels around in his RV.

I think this is the perfect coffee mug for me!
And last but not at all least I would love to give this to JD.  The message is perfect!  

Life is Beautiful!

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