Angels Among Us

You have heard people say that there are Angels Among Us.  Well I believe that to be true.  Mostly that those angels are people just like you and me that are able to make changes in lives that make big differences.

Recently when Dear Hubby was having his heart surgery, the nurses and doctors all felt that he had to have had an angel with him.  It was 12 and 1/2 hours of surgery and they were at their wits end.  Actually the doctors were at the point of laying down their equipment and stopping.  That would have meant that Dear Hubby would have not gotten off of that operating table.  It was at the very last moment that everything finally went right.  His angel was there to keep him with us AGAIN.  That was again because he has already come from this surgery once before and making out of a month long coma.  There has to be a reason for him to be here.

JD recently was needing to have some dental surgery.  She has been saving for a year to get it done all the time in major pain.  Three lovely ladies or her angels as I believe heard about all she was doing to make this happen.  It was going to be surgery on one tooth then wait and save for another year for the next one.  These ladies stepped in and paid for the rest of what needed to be done.  JD had one surgery and came out of it fine.  Now she will no longer be in pain.  I thank these ladies and God for putting them in our path.

Another time was when we had a house fire.  We lost everything.  I mean everything.  I was standing there barefoot even.  But all was fine.  Really!  A neighbor walked up and gave me her shoes right off her feet.  A local church congregation pulled together and brought us everything we needed.  Down to the junk drawer.  Yes!  That drawer that you go to when you need something like a pin or rubber band or such.  Angels everyone of them to provide for us in a great time of need.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Soup-er-Blogger
This is some of my stories of angels in my life.  But you can Chicken Soup for the Soul has 101 inspirational stories of miracles, faith and answered prayers in "Angels Among Us".  I have to say this one is currently our bathroom reader.  You may think it is odd.  But the stories are short and perfect for a quick read.  More so we always have a smile on our face after reading each story.  I will be happy to read this for the next few weeks.
read more from others.

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