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This is the fortune I had in my cookie recently.  It made me smile.  For Dear Hubby and I had just started working on a new friendship with a couple close to our age here.  This helped me know that yes, it is time for new friends.

We have enjoyed having them over for meals and playing a few games.  There has been a few outing that have been quite enjoyable to do with our new friends too.  We are learning about so many different activities in this area that we did not know of.  More so has been the conversations.  This has been some of the best part of making friends with this couple.  Talking and learning more about them every day.

Look at what arrived in the mail for me this last week.  This Meb Keflezighi special edition 2GB water-resistant MP3 player features exclusive colors and pre-loaded audio tips, plus a Runners booklet with subjects on running, nutrition, stretching and more. This is the coolest ever.  No wires running down my neck into some pocket somewhere.  They fit over my ears and behind my neck just right.  I can use them while I am walking, doing housework or even dancing around the yard while I mow.  Yeah, I always find a way to get in a lil dancing.  Now to get my playlist loaded up so I can keep on dancing as I do my own lil #FitnessWalkman workouts.  Thanks Klout rewards and Sony for sharing with me!

Yeah that is me.  Still large and in charge.  But I am still working on it.  Bit by bit. I am keeping myself moving.  I know I am not the greatest looking but hey I am loved, happy and healthy.  Not too bad.  Wonder what I will look like by the end of summer?

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