Ruby The Great

I saw these on a friends Facebook page and was so tickled by them.  Princess Emma has always had an imaginary friend who is a red dragon with a rainbow spine.  So for Easter I had her make me one to put in her basket.  You can buy one too!  These were so low cost at $10 including shipping and handling!  Order yours at Brown Bear Handcrafts from one of these two designs, choose your color and the bead spine colors too.  I went for the green one and changed it up to make Ruby.

So here is RUBY!

Isn't she so pretty!  I bet Princess Emma is going to love her.

Such open arms.  To see her size that is a paper plate behind her for a backdrop as she sits on the kitchen counter.  Ruby is about the height of my hand.  Well stuffed with the cutest lil wings.

This is not a freebie, I did purchase sweet Ruby.

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