Better Than A Chocolate Bunny

Oh my, it seems my head is all spinning around.  Twirling this way and that.  I tell you this topsy turvy life of hospitals is no fun at all.  I have been on the run non stop for weeks and I don't think I am going to get to stop anytime soon.  But I do have plans in my head.  I know that I will making quick trips here to tell you about them.

Right now I am making plans for Easter.  I want to have something special for each of the Grandbabes.  But not eggs or candy or toy bunnies.  My first one is for our youngest lil man, The Turtle.  I noticed when we were visiting around Christmas he was running a wild streak around the house.  Stop grab a drink, then let go and run again.  Just like a boy.  But he would drop and go.  So those tippy cups were pretty tippy!  I found a good solution for that with mOmma Spill-Proof Cups.  The have bottoms that are weighted and are rounded.  So they rock but don't tip.  The one with a spout is a great transition from the bottle but is spill proof too.  My favorite is the In & Out lid that has a built in straw that closes to prevent leaks.  These are BPA free of course.  Easy shopping to is that these are at Target.  Now I am in the middle of nowhere so I had to have them shipped to me.  Thanks to mOmma for doing that for me.

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