One of a Kind for One of a Kind

Do you have any idea what made JD do this?

I have to say it is her reaction to this.

A beautiful butterfly that is one of JD's signature symbols.

A hand painted sunflower that is JD's favorite flower of all time.
It reminds her that we all need to have some time just soaking up sunlight to grow big and strong.

A poem that JD wrote and was published along with a rain in rainbow colors.  This all came together in the commissioned original one of a kind water color painted and designed for her by K0I Designs for her 26th birthday gift.

Yes she loved it!  If you want to surprise someone with a special work of art designed just for them.  Then holler at K0I Designs on Facebook and see what she can hook you up with.  Her prices are amazing too.  

Here is the design I saw she had done and we work it over to a specialized design just for JD.  This was available as 8X10 for $5 plus shipping. Printed on photo paper with larger sizes available.


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