Movies for my lil Stars

I have two grandbabes and a new one to be added by marriage in one household.  So this presents a bit of a quandary for me on Easter gifts.  I want them to be just right for each child but enough of the same that they do not feel any one of them are favored.  Do you feel that way for presents too?  Well I decided to give each of them a new DVD that is age appropriate.  This should be something they can each share and also feel that they are special too.  So let me share with you and see if these are good matches for your kiddos too.

For our youngest lil lady, I have Martha & Friends: Martha's Magnificent Egg.  Now this is Martha Stewart in cartoon form.  I love the way she can make the most amazing things out of everyday items.  Well 10 old Martha is joined with her friends in making crafts and activities for Easter.  Martha and Friends create and craft their Easter baskets to enter an Easter contest.  Everyone wants to win the prize but Martha shows us that winning is not everything and that helping a friend in need is more important.  Insert the DVD into your computer and find 13 pages of Easter recipes and crafts that are extremely child friendly. 

Our middle lil man there knows that his Coppie is a Garfield fan.  We often watch Garfield DVD's here when they are visiting.  So he is going to get The Garfield Show: Spring Fun Collection.  This DVD includes six episodes that have a spring theme and originally aired on The Cartoon Network.  Dear Hubby actually relate to Jon and his frustration with his animals because I experience a lot of the same things with  kids! Being a Coppie and a pet owner are not so different. There is never a dull moment when Garfield is around!  Now can you see him in the Sunday funny pages, but you can also see him in a great DVD set!

And for our eldest grandbabe we have a full length movie.  She has the attention span for this one as well as knowing the first title of this show.  A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradisedebuting on DVD exclusively at Walmart March 26, 2013.  Click on the link and you can preorder your copy for $12.96.  When Sammy and Ray find themselves trapped in The Tank, an underwater aquarium, they must hatch a plan to escape and reunite with their grandkids, Ricky and Ella, and protect them from the dangers of the ocean. But they'll have to get past Big D and his dopey thugs first. With the help of some unlikely friends, Sammy and Ray find that when you work together, anything is possible.  This sounds like one she will be glued to the DVD player with.  She loves that she can watch movies in the car on road trips.  It sure makes the time go by so much faster.

Thanks ever so to Gaiam Vivendi for providing me all three of these DVDs to share with you and my grandbabes.

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