Smelling Like a Moonflower

Dear Hubby made it home from the hospital.  Them my OCD habits kicked in and I started cleaning everything.  Of course I had tons of laundry to catch up on from being out of town.  But I also wanted to make the rounds on general cleaning.  I have to thank The Other Mother for coming over and doing a wonderful job for me.  I walked in to a house that smelled so fresh.  She had cleaned the floors and washed down all the counters.  

Now I needed to really hit the bathrooms.  There was the sweeping and mopping of the floors and the counters being wiped down.  But the best was the toilet paper roller.  I use to have this lil air fresher beads that was in a spring loaded roller.  I have looked and looked for them, but have not seen them in ages.  Rejuvenescence came to my rescue.  No more lil beads to end up scattered all over the place.  I know I have swept up those many a time.

Rejuvenescence is a patented line of scented toilet tissue holders that are perfect for freshening up small spaces without the overwhelming stench of typical bathroom air fresheners. Rejuvenescence comes in three unique fragrances which are diffused when the roller is set in motion. The long-lasting scented oils inside each Rejuvenescence roll are made from 100% natural essential oils and include no additives. Rejuvenescence is made in the USA from recycled materialThey are available for $12.99 or two for $19.99.

Rejuvenescence is available in these three scents:

Wild Orchid - a delicate infusion of orchids, red currant, birds of paradise, peach and persimmon. 
Moonflower - a floral mix of moonflower, yellow rose, grapefruit, raspberry, pomegranate, mandarin and frangipani.
Spice - a refreshing blend of clove, cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense, china musk, mulberry, Blue Nile, and peach. 

I have the Spice in my bathroom and the Wild Orchid is in Granny M's bathroom.  JD took Moonflower to her apartment to fight off both bathroom scents and the kittens litter box.  Thanks so to Rejuvenescence for sharing with me.  

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