Remember There is Always Time to DANCE Doonya

Zumba has been the dance fitness craze for sometime.  But it kills me.  My joints can not take it.  As a of fact our local Curves started Zumba classes to the point it stopped teaching the circuit it is known for.  In six months the business closed down.  Us older women can not handle the harsh jarring of our joints.  But I have found a new dance exercise that seems to have a good balance in the ability to work up a sweat yet still keep my joints from collapsing.  I have always said there is always time to Dance...and this is my newest dance.

From renowned dance-based fitness studios, Doonya, comes the latest high-energy DVD series, “Doonya: The Bollywood Dance Workout,”.. This cardio-dance and strength-building at-home program, perfectly choreographed to songs from Bollywood, features routines created by the founders of Doonya, Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai.  “Doonya exercises the body and mind through the exciting rhythms of Bollywood dance,” says Kajal Desai, co-founder of Doonya.  “It is an all-encompassing feel-good program that embraces music, fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”  I love the delicate feeling of the dance with the energy it creates within me.  In the DVD series showcases the sweat-inducing moves that blend four quintessential Bollywood styles of dance to tone and sculpt abs, glutes and legs.

The three-disc series is as follows:

DISC ONE - “Beginner Breakdown: How to Bollywood Dance” concentrates on the fundamentals with a 20-minute breakdown of Doonya’s signature steps. As a bonus, this disc also demonstrates Bollywood choreography in a full performance.

DISC TWO- “Cardio Dance an; Conditioning: Transform Your Body and Mind through Dance Fitness” is a full 60-minute Doonya class that includes a warm-up, basics drill, 11 targeted routines and a brisk cool down.

DISC THREE - “Abs, Glutes, and Cardio: Express Workouts for Sculpting and Weight Loss” offers express workouts for busy schedules with quick workouts such as 10-minute abs, 12-minute glutes and 16-minute cardio.

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PRICING and AVAILABILITY- “Doonya: The Bollywood Dance Workout” is available for purchase at for $12.99/each or $24.99/set of 3.  I was able to have the set of 3 in exchange for review thanks to Doonya.

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