Need my Head in the Clouds

With the go go go of this last week....(yeah I know I have kept it to myself)....I need or want to just curl up under the covers and read.  Thankfully I have Robin Jones Gunn to help me out.  She is becoming my go to gal for escape.  You know her name.  She is author of the SisterChicks books as well as the Christy Miller books for Young Adults.  There is also her non fiction, children's books and the Glenbrooke series.  Well I am coveting Clouds from the Glenbrooke series.  

In a nut shell this has been a week home of rest for Dear Hubby.  Well that is if you include in his almost daily blood test that I have to drive him too.  Yes he is on driving restrictions.  And my oldest brother has moved in with us.  We have been to social security, drivers license office, his bank and the veterans office.  None that are local.  Some that over 100 miles away one way.  I feel that my but has car seat indentions for all the driving I am doing.  I hate it to say the least.  

So it is bath time, I can hide there, and time to read, read, read!  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.   Here is the low down.  You must try the Snickerdoodle recipe in the back of the book.  I did and they were a hit with Dear Hubby.  Reading another Glenbrooke book is like going home.  You know these folks, they are like family and friends.  Believable while having the daily issues we all struggle with.  Most of all this one has the ending I wanted.  Life does not always come out all tied up in a neat package.  Sometimes we hurt, but if we trust in God there is a plan for us and it is a good one.

Coming home wasn’t supposed to feel this way. After five years as a flight attendant, Shelly is home again, in Seattle in a house alive with happy memories. Yet she feels strangely lost and alone. Where is Jonathan Renfield when she needs him? Jonathan, her best friend nearly all her life, her first and only love is no longer around. Shelly hadn’t meant to hurt him when she left him behind to chase her dreams. And she misses him more than she’s ever admitted. When they unexpectedly meet in Germany, Shelly manages to hide her feelings from Jonathan—and his fiancĂ©e. But she can no longer hide them from herself. Will she ever be ready to tell Jonathan the truth?  And will she have the chance?

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