Did Not Disappear

Hey has anyone missed me around here?  I know I was absent.  So sorry.  I will get a note from my mommy if you want.  But gosh a girl can only do so much.  And taking care of Dear Hubby is a full time job after open heart surgery.  Add in the extra of loving up on my pets after being gone for ten days.  Oh my how they missed us.  Granny M did so to help keep every thing going here along with The Other Mother.  I loved walking back into my home and it was clean and smelling nice.  Thanks so much!

The extra is that my Big Bro is now living with us.  He has been away for five years from the family and we have all missed him.  But he is back and needs a safe place to land and yes that means my place.  So once again we have someone else here.  I feel like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest around here and I am losing.  Just a wee bit overwhelmed.

The last day Dear Hubby was in the hospital his heart Doc came to visit him.  He told us just how close we were to losing this battle.  It was past the "11th" hour and they were close to laying down their tools and turning off the machines.  Thank God for the last minute hopes and all working out.  But now knowing that it was that close my heart has been in my throat every since.  The fear has gripped me and not let go.  I am not sure just how to get over this for I had gone into his open heart surgery so positive.  It was not considered that I was going to lose my dearest love.  The last thing I needed to hear was that I was so very close to just that.

Anyone that can help me with dealing with the terror that has now gripped me, I would be most pleased to hear from.  In the mean time I seem to be cleaning like a fiend around here.  Just trying to get everything just right as if it will make it all okay once again.  I don't think that is going to work though.

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  1. God bless you honey, that would be so frightening to have to think about. I am so glad your Hubby is doing better. (((hugs)))


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