Polar Opposites

I knew with the trip to the surgeon today I would have ample time to read.  Always do.  Finished up two books today as a matter of fact.  One of them was a lil different than the ones I have been getting from the Litfuse Chicks.  More mystery than romance.  That was a welcome change.  I like a lil who done it in my reading.  Makes me wonder how writers like Dani Pettrey plot out all the twist and turns.
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This time around in Shattered, I traveled the northwest.  Cold country but Dani described the resorts so well that they made me feel as if I had been on a trip myself.  This was an all out team book with everyone pitching in to help find pieces of the puzzle to keep wrongfully accused Reef from taking the charge of murder.  Traveling Canada's outback to California's city streets, this family and law enforcement crew tackle the unknown one step at a time.  I never saw the ending coming out as it did, well the who done it part.  The who loves who was pretty easy to see though.

The other book I finished up was by Thea Goodman.  What a romp of a good time she put on the different outlooks new parents have on solving the well known problem of needing to get a lil rest.  In The Sunshine When She's Gone a well meaning loving husband just wants to give his wife a lil bit of rest.  The baby has cried every night for six months now.  Mom really does need to get some sleep.  And if she does then maybe life can go back to normal for them.  But this new mom does not see his loving act in the same light when she realizes it is not an extra nap she is getting in.  In a star crossed lovers type of way, these two end up in opposite camps with good intentions thrown to the wayside.  How a lil outing to have breakfast ends up as a weekend getaway to the Bahamas is not something that one easily figures out.  But hey, who can understand a man's thinking.  Of course Dad never would guess that his adoring wife would think he kidnapped their precious angel.  Fun, Fun, Fun is all this one is!

Thanks ever so to the Litfuse Chicks and FSB for sharing these two books with me this week.

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  1. I hope everything is going well there with you and your family. Sending (((hugs)))


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