Breath In, Breath Out

I feel I have been swamped trying to care for Dear Hubby while he is recovering from his heart surgery while also being here for Granny M and Big Bubba.  Let's add in the 5 dogs and 1 cat, all the chores and thinking how did I a mom to a group of adults.  Need less to say I call "No Fair".   I do not remember the clause that states when your children grow up you are to become responsible for older adults?  Sure caring for your family is important.  But where is the line drawn?

I turned to Renee Peterson Trudeau to help me out here.  No she did not arrive in a lovely white outfit with fresh baked brownies.  But she did send me her book, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life.  Peace is what I really need before I end up blowing my top over something small.  Like why perfectly able adults can not eat if I do not put the food on the table.  Even if it is only leftover night.  Yes, I have to set it on the table for them to help themselves.  Drives me crazy!

What I am really happy about is that Renee is helping me find my happiness and joy once again.  Reminding me that my motto of Every day there is time to Dance should really be available to me from ME!  That I am responsible for having inner peace.  If that means I loose some control over the household and let others fend for themselves while I learn to focus on caring for myself.  It is not unheard of for me to be scurrying around the house doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry and more while everyone else here is taking a mid afternoon nap.  How about I skip making sure there is not a single surface wiped down and take a long bubble bath instead?

By taking a few of the steps outlined things are beginning to calm down for me.  I am learning that it will be okay to have my oldest brother living here and I do not have to care for him.  As a matter of fact he has been making "my" morning coffee for me.  A lovely treat that I have never had done for me that I am learning to lavish in.  The big point here is HE does not drink coffee at all!!!  I want to share a few points that are touching base to me.  Maybe they will do the same for you.

Tap the trans formative power of self-care: attune and respond to your needs and desires.
Healing from the inside out: peace begins with me.
Unleashing the healing power of nature: the ultimate antidepressant.  (Can you believe I stopped having coffee on the porch while listening to the birds sing?
Loving the ones you're with: really spending time with them instead of existing with them.
Slowing down: do less to experience more.  (Now this is a lesson I may need to practice time and time again.)

I wish to thank Renee and New World Library for sending me a book that is really helping me just when I needed it most.  It is crazy around here but with some time, patience and learning maybe I can make it just a lil more livable without coming unglued!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring perspective from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family with your readers. Families are really seeking fresh perspectives and tools right now. So many of us are ready to drop old habits and patterns that no longer work and explore new ways of being. It’s good to know we’re not alone and are all in this journey together! P.S. Every week we’re sharing excerpts, giveaways and articles from the book at if you’d like to check that out.


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