Life Runs Ahead of Us

Tomorrow we are off to meet with Dear Hubby's surgeon for his follow up appointment.  I will have to do the driving there but oh my I pray they will release him to drive home.  Doubt it but I have dreams.  Personally I do not care to drive.

I do anticipate a long wait in the waiting room, exam room and such.  It seems to be the norm.  Thankfully I will be finishing up Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate.  I am already in love with her main character Mallory who has been swept off to live in small town Texas.  Oh how I relate there.  With no major shopping in sight lil on the arts she is finding out that life may run a bit slower but it does not mean it is any less important.  Small town life can be just a haggard as major politics can be in Washington.  Top chasing down her young step son and keeping up with the ins and outs of local events, she just might learn to catch her breath before it all topples out of place.  We all know it never runs smoothly, and she learns that too.  But it does make for a amazing trip to love life as it comes at you full steam ahead.

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I want to tell the Litfuse Chicks and Lisa Wingate thanks for sending this one on. It is Johnny on the spot for this Texas gal!  Two green thumbs up folks.


  1. Wishing for a clean bill of health for the hubby!

  2. Hoping all went well at the appointment!

  3. Hope all went well for your hubby at his appointment!


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