Fat Thinking Turned Inside Out

I read an article some time back about eating habits.  It stated that there were people who had a brain that automatically selected thin eating.  My brain selects fat eating.  I want to be a thin eater!

JD has always had the way of eating.  She eats when she is hungry.  She eats what she needs, for example she may only have some meat and cheese in one sitting.  And she stops when she is full.  Most of all she has not one iota of guilt when she does not eat all of the food.  She is a skinny eater.

Me, I eat when I am happy.  I eat when I am sad.  I eat to celebrate.  I eat to console.  Most of all I eat when I am full.  I am a smart woman, I know better.  How is it that logic does not control my actions?  Habits of caring for others for so long (I was the child who wanted to make everyone happy) has bled over into my diet habits.  Well with Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking helping me I will  have The Real Skinny: Appetite for Health's 101 Fat Habits and Slim Solutions. There are 4 points that are hit upon that I want to really get in my brain.

One is the truth about social media and how it can cause you to pack on pounds.  You don't believe me?  Tell me your not on the 'Pintrest Diet'?  Where you surf Pintrest seeing the amazing photos of to die for food.   Yes we want to make this dish or that one.  Pinning what we can use for future reference.  But as I am often surfing these calorie laden dishes I am building up a desire to eat when I am not even hungry.  I like how The Real Skinny highlights the choice to delete those boards of fat filled food and make up those of healthy living, fitness and sites like Cooking Light.

Another is how to cut the calories in dishes without cutting the social calender.  I can look to refocus my events.  Instead of hours of cooking dish after dish to have a gathering around.  I can invite friends to a backyard game of horse shoes with ice cold flavored water and hand made no calorie ices for refreshments. I made one this weekend from mint and cucumber blended with sugar free lemon/lime soda then frozen in a shallow dish.  It hit the spot like no heavy fat ice cream has ever done for me.  Add in the extra exercise from a fun game outside burned off any calories from a previous meal.

I love to blame my fat bones for my size.  Yeah, like my bones are fat.  I know better.  I also blame my very slow metabolism. Funny how I thought this slowed down at my peak of life energy (my early 20's) and just stayed there.  It could not be when I can run around this house all day long doing chore after chore having plenty of energy.  That energy does not come from a slow metabolism.  It come from me feeding myself healthy proteins to keep my body going.

I do have a great middle age spread going on.  Yeah, I was large before.  But in the last 5 years I have gained another 40 pounds and it is all over my hip, butt and thighs.  This is needed to come off.  Needed to be worked off.  But I can not do that if I do not change eating habits too.  Now I say this as I sit by my computer with junk around me.  Don't believe me.  Look for yourself.  Yes you do see a tub of Cheez-it, bag of Lay's Chicken and Waffles chips and a Sonic Route 44 Cherry Lime Diet Coke.  Yeah, like the word diet in there is going to do my ass one bit of good.

So as you can guess by now, I am reading this one cover to cover.  Writing notes in the margins and highlighting parts I need to memorize.  Here is The Real Skinny, one I really need to claim as my own.  I do wish to thank Julie and Katherine for sending me this life saving tool.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing our book! We know that the information can help any woman who is struggling to lose a little--or a lot--of weight. Most of us have just developed habits that we aren't even aware of that are getting in the way of attaining a leaner physique! We delve into these topics everyday on our Appetite for Health blog.
    Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD


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