The Other Mom Takes Over

I have be hacked by The Other Mom today.  You know, I am glad....I am off to nibble on goodies.  Let her have control!

I got a call a few days ago from my dear friend Lynette. She told me to stop what I was doing and come to her house right away. When I asked her why, she told me a package had come for me. It was addressed to her, but she was certain it was for me. Curious about what it could be I headed on over. When I arrived she was waiting for me with a book. A truly beautifu land wonderful book that was definitely for me!

Meals in a Jar by Julie Languille is my new favorite cookbook! I love to cook anyway but this book is about SO MUCH MORE! It is ready made meals in a jar that you make yourself. There are recipes like cornmeal pancakes, chuck wagon chili, beef burgundy etc..  you just make them ahead of time, package them into jars, label and done! On nights when you are running behind or just don't feel like cooking - voila! Just add water and dinner is as good as done. It is not just dinner though, oh no. There are meals in every category, even dessert! Not only are the recipes delicious, they are beautiful in the jars as well. Now,  I am a gardener and we end up with an abundance of veggies every year. I freeze and can my own as well as give away a good bit. Now we will be dehydrating our veggies for ready made meals as well. This is so much more cost effective and nutritious than T.V. dinners or fast food and honestly, just as easy as either one. Meals in a Jar breaks it down so that even a novice that has never canned a thing can do this easily. It teaches you about canning meats and veggies as well as pressure canning. There is a section on dehydrating you own ingredients. You do not have to be a gardener to do this. You could go buy your veggies at the supermarket and take them home to prepare. There are a list of supplies you may need as well as a lot of info on techniques you can use cooking. Not only is this book a wonderful gift, you could easily give the meals as a gift. They are so lovely! Such a variety of recipes and chock full of information, a must read for sure. I have to say, it sure is nice to have friend that knows me so well : ) I love Meals in a Jar. Thank you Julie Languille for making my life a little more simple and a lot less hectic!

Thanks to Julie and Ulysses Press for sharing this cookbook with us.  Thanks even more to Jennifer for telling y'all about it.  But hey, do I get my book back?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Okay, just make me some of those quick meals.

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  1. This sounds like something I really need. I look to cook ahead like this and have things ready to go. Thanks for the share.


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