Keeping it Easy

Need to have a fun day today.  Just a few more days til we are back at the hospital.  Then it is surgery, ICU, a week or so of recovery til we come back home.  Next we start up a 6 week or so at home get well camp.  Poor Dear Hubby!  Today is kids day.  No we don't have the grandbabes.  He could not handle it...just too weak.  But we can play here on our own.

So it is ice cream cones for snacks and light hearted TV to watch.  If he feels up to it maybe a game while he rest on the couch.  Dear Hubby can not move around too much so we shall not be up and racing around.  I also now have a netbook to take with me to the hospital so I can keep up with everyone.  Thanks to my angle Cissi for providing for me!  Granny M, JD and the Other Mother are going to hold down camp with the pets here at home.  I have everything about packed and ready.  Now just to kick back and let the blessings wash over me today.

Help me keep positive folks!


  1. Sending all my well wishes and best thoughts! Good luck.

  2. Sending a cyber hug and prayers for you and hubby. xxx


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