Summer Spirit Sags

Summer Spirit by G. Jay was an e-book that I downloaded on my computer last night.  A quick 15 chapter book that i thought would be a fast read and a lil different than all the romance books that have been coming across my desk lately.  I was ready for a good mystery and this one would be off the beaten path since it was about a gay antique dealer.  This is something I was all in for.  You see my first husband was gay.  I miss him greatly.  He shared with me a unique look into a world I knew little of at that time.  So I was happy to open up Summer Spirit to explore the mystery.  

Sadly that is where it stopped for me.  I did not appreciate the gratuitous sex that hit from the very first sentence.  I tried to over look it but it seemed to be more of the theme of the book than the mystery that did not develop til almost a third of a way into the story line.  This book could have been quickly summed up as a short story in a magazine than as a novella.  I am sorry to have to pass this one on for it is one book I would not recommend to any of my readers.  I found it offensive.  Not due to the sexuality of the main character but due to the crude acts written within.  It was not needed for the story or to develop characters.

This was on the Tribute Books book tour.  And was the first one I did not enjoy.  Weep!

Ryan Kinkaid, a successful gay Manhattan antique dealer has had it with life in New York City, especially his random love life. Ryan has what most New Yorkers want — his own successful business, and a mortgage-free brownstone on West 71st Street. However, at age forty-one he discovers he is lacking one very important thing in his life: a meaningful and loving relationship. With summer just around the corner, the approaching heat and his restlessness are reasons for his escape from the city. A four-month rental in historic and picturesque Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with his best friend Lauren was the answer.

Renting a house built in 1810, kindred spirit Nicholas reaches out for contact, and Ryan finds himself wanting to know about the past. However, Nicholas is not the only one wanting Ryan’s attention. Ty, a handsome local man, also has strong desires for Ryan.

The stark contrast of the past collides with the present in this tale of lost and betrayed love, and irrational and undying prejudice.

In the end, all that is left is the affirmation of the value of honesty and commitment in love.

G. Jay's Bio: 
A communications graduate of the City Universities of New York, and after twenty-nine years as a human resources administrator, Jay decided to apply his understanding of the complexities and foibles of the human character in a more creative way.

Like the main character, Ryan Kinkaid, Jay is a gay man who believes in love and commitment. He and his husband have been together for over thirty years and live on the West coast of Florida with their two cats. A transplant from New York, Jay continues to travel regularly to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to connect with the New England life which he so loves.


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  1. Lenore, thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to give G. Jay's book a try.


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