Sh** Now I Have Gone & Done It

Well I went and done it.  Scared myself silly.  Not good at all.

I am looking at having to have surgery.  Been doing good about keeping positive.  My lovely friend shared a site with me as to what it will be consisting of.  And now I have butterflies flying up my throat.

Dang me and wanting to know information.

Here do it yourself and tell me that it is all okay.  Honestly.....tell me it is ALL OKAY!


  1. ick! But wait... don't go googling it up and scaring yourself silly more than necessary. My Dr was so mad at me for doing that. There may be a new procedure where it is not quite so invasive... or maybe using laser... your Dr can tell you more in detail what to really expect. That video is dang scary!!! I hope you don't need surgery of any kind though.

  2. It will all be OK. Stop scaring yourself and try to relax. Most surgery is going to look that bad but you will be asleep when they do it, not observing every minute detail. Blessings to you!!!!

  3. Hey Kiddo! Rather than keeping "that" video in mind, picture the tv commercial where they are advertizing State Farm apps. It talks about how you cannot believe everything you read and see on the internet. I know its a State Farm app commercial, but it is also TRUE. You cannot believe EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON THERE. My prayers are with you on whatever you decide.
    God Bless,

  4. All surgery looks pretty scary, even the easy stuff. I bet that you will zip right through this with flying colors!

  5. What, girl you keep me posted on what is going on with you. When I was in the hospital one of my Doctors printed off some stuff for me from a "credible" website because he didn't want me going to some "Doctor Jim-Bob's" site and getting any information. And that is exactly what he called it. He said there are so many sites out there that look credible that aren't. He saw that I had my laptop with me and made sure that I was not getting any misinformation or getting anything that I shouldn't be.

    Definitely keep me posted. I have an email that goes straight to my phone and it is jrandtam88[at] and my twitter and facebook go straight to my phone also. I don't get around on here as much as I used to but I will try to keep myself more informed. <3


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