Famous Left Over Stew

I have been up for a couple of hours now trying to be quiet but chomping at the bit to get my day started.  I did get the laundry in and it is almost done already.  Dishes from our surprise dessert last night.  (Really, arrived at our door ready to eat.  Fresh homemade coconut cream pie from The Other Mother.)  And now I have dinner already on the stove for a good long simmer.

Yes, it takes times for flavors to combine.  We are having our famous left over stew.  This time it is a combo from dinners this week.
#1.  summer sausage and mac n' cheese
#2.  bacon ranch pasta salad (no oil or vinegar used)
#3.  Roasted Raspberry Chipotle drumsticks (aka chicken with a handle) with side dish of saute' squash, onions and zucchini
I added a can of diced tomatoes, a can of Margaret Holmes Triple Succotash ((this is combination of tomatoes, corn and butter beans) and two cans of water.  (Gotta get all those great flavors from the bottom of the cans plus rinses them out before the can gets recycled.)  Added in pepper and Mrs. Dash for seasonings.  Then simmer away for a good hour or more.  Then let it sit for most of the day to reheat tonight.  This way all of the flavors meld together.

This is a great way to finish of those bits and bites that do not make a meal of them selves. Need more time? Then put a lidded bowl in the freezer and push those left overs in there. When the bowl is full just thaw, add broth and heat!  I am going to serve this up with homemade bisquits and butter.  Going to have a wonderful winter night dinner.


  1. I didn't know succotash was a food, I thought it was just something that cartoon cat said.


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