39 = Coffee Time

Oh my goodness.  The world played a trick on me.  It seems that when you mix a lil moisture added below 40 temperatures you get white stuff.

But do not worry.  This stuff will not stop Granny M from getting out to go to the coffee shop.  Even at 6 a.m.  (People she does this for fun?)

I do have to say it really is pretty in a very chilly sorta way.  Here is the view across the street toward the horse pasture.

And in the back yard where I forgot a plastic table cloth that I washed off.  Yeah, put it on the line to dry a couple of days ago.  It was pretty enough for the sun to warm it up.  Now one big ol cold sheet of green.

But I do have to say that Nessa's (aka Texas Housewife) house across the street really is pretty.  I need to call her and tell her to take a photo of my house.  Then we would know what each looks like while staying warm inside.

Oh my Nessa did just that.  Here is what my lil ol place looks like from her side of the street!

But I promise you all of this just helps me know that right now is . . .


  1. It's pretty across at your place too! I posted a pic.

  2. I wish we had snow. It's done nothing but rain for weeks.


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