Kiddos Scram, I Scam

Well the Grandbabes left for home this evening.  I loved seeing them here but am ready for a night off.  You forget it is go, go, go with kids once you have an empty nest at home.  They all had long fun baths today while I did the mad dash to clean up.  Meals were fun and entertaining for them.  Me, on gosh, just to say the heat was on in the kitchen to get everything on the table before it was eaten in protest.  Honestly it was fun to have the kiddos here.  I do work hard to make their visits memories for them.  Weather it is blue eggs for breakfast or a New Year's Eve Pajama Party.  But now time for me.

So I have my e-reader zipped up in it's plastic bag to help make it water proof.  Hot water running in the tub with scented oiled added.  And I get to finish off reading Scam Factory by G. Gordon Dean.  I started it while Dear Hubby was having his pacemaker changed out last week.  You know having a good book loaded in your e-reader sure is handy in a hospital waiting room.  G. Gordon Dean's Scam Factory is a story written right from our daily headlines.  A straight forward book on white collar crime.  I really love the layout of this book.  Looking at it chapter by chapter is like looking down a hall that creates a timeline.  For my brain it works best when a book does not go back and forth in time and this one is pretty good at taking you through the story without straying down empty corridors. 

I also have been quiet enlightened to how our economy is viewed from a consumer point of view.  As if each area is something to be used instead of something to enhance our lives.  Quite a spin for me since I am more of that rose colored glasses old lady.  Dean created a viable character of Michael Crayter.  He is an accomplished security director in Las Vegas that seemed to hit the jackpot with an incredible job in Washington D.C.  A dream come true when he did not even know he was looking for it.  Just what we all really want in our dreams.  Too bad, like any dream, the bubble burst when the economy takes a major downfall and Michael is left holding the bag.  

Thanks ever to Tribute Books and G. Gordon Dean for sharing this story with me.  Now time for me to take my e-book and hop in the tub before the water gets cold.  This is a hot water only book!

Scam Factory Summary:
Whoever said 'white-collar crime doesn’t pay' never lived in Washington D.C. TierGroup is a business consultancy firm located in the heart of DC. Its Division Heads have a very cold and calculating unorthodox approach to conducting business. Protecting and serving their clients is the only thing that matters. Nevertheless, loyalty can swing both ways in this journey through greed, corruption, and absolute lack of accountability.

As a former Las Vegas Casino Surveillance Director, Michael Crayter, a straight shooter, becomes an unaware, almost, employee of TierGroup in mid-2001. His transformation takes many shapes from idea man to fraud guru. He embarks on a journey to Iraq, through Hurricane Katrina and eventually takes part in one of the biggest scams in the history of the United States - the TARP funding program. His boss, Charles “The Czar” Zarin, is the ultimate manipulation mentor. Michael Crayter’s experience will last for more than eight years and will make his old Vegas job seem like child’s play.

The investment opportunities the United States has to offer during this time frame are seemingly endless and the public joins in on the greed. The whole country is riding high on the inflated value train with careless abandonment. There are no regulations followed or laws unbroken by the Mortgage Lenders, Stock Brokers, and Bankers. The bubble is getting bigger and the clock is ticking. It's every man for himself. Divide and conquer. Borrow and spend. No one sees the tsunami coming, except for Charles Zarin. Capitalism will be turned upside down and the money spigot will run dry.

By late 2007 the bubble bursts and our country’s economy is left in ruins. The Treasury is sent in to bail out the white-collar thieves. While losing most of its clients TierGroup and Michael Crayter are left to fend for themselves. The tables are turned on the fat-cat bankers who caused the meltdown. Michael Crayter uses his hard gained experience to get even with the fake bastards. Almost everyone loyal to TierGroup gets away with highway robbery and the American taxpayer is left holding the bag. Michael Crayter begins to tell his story, in this Four Part first-person narrative, during a 2005 interview at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.

G. Gordon Dean's Bio: 
G. Gordon Dean is a Real Estate agent and Business Consultant currently living in Arizona. He has been a media buff for over two decades. As a media buff he has kept himself well aware of past and current events in business, government, and politics. He lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for over 30 years. This is his first novel.

Kindle  ($4.99) Nook  ($4.99)


  1. Lenore, thanks for the review of G. Gordon's new book. Glad you enjoyed it! Wishing you and Dear Hubby the best of health in 2013!

  2. Lenore,Thanks very much for featuring SCAM FACTORY. Sorry so late. This is my first time working with blogs etc. Happy New Year!

    G. Gordon Dean


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