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Gosh today was going to be one of those lazy lay in the bed and veg days.  Well I made it all the way to 9 a.m. so I guess that is pretty good.  Then it was up and doing as always.  The topper was that Dear Hubby's cousin popped in for a visit.  Made me really happy to sit and chat for a few hours.

So what is new.  Well Dermagist is helping me face my aging years gracefully.  They sent me Neck Restoration Cream.  The last thing I want is that creepy neck that looks like a turkey has come to visit.  I am to put it on in the morning and again at night.  From my neck down into my decollete.  This is to help target both wrinkles and sagging skin.  Gosh I wish I could get my sagging skin back up where it belongs.  Youth so wasted on the young.

I do want to tell you I love that this is a light moisturizer.  Not heavy or thick.  Also the scent is light and airy.  I like looking at what is put into the items I use for my 'beauty' treatment.  I did not know that apples had stem cells.  And they are using protein from sesame.  Pretty cool.  The fragrance is from orange too.  I have some codes I am going to list at the bottom of this post to help you out also.

But as I was taking a photo to see a before (now) and after (later) shot of my neck I noticed something that has me disturbed.  Look and you tell me what you think.

Photo 1.  Now I know I am not smiling or anything of that nature.  And yes that is a zit on my chin even though I am 49 years old!  Can you believe it. face.  Look at the differences of each side.  And this is not from lighting either.

Photo 2.  This side shows me and my lines under my eyes, around my nose and by my mouth are not so deep.  Why?

Photo 3.  On this side you can really see how my lines are deeper and makes my face look fatty.  (Okay, I am large but you see the difference.)  I tried to figure out why and duh.....It is due to the Dermagist.  Really.  Let me explain.

Remember when I did the first post about them this fall for our Gift Guide?  Well I was trying to get a video of me so we could do a before and after.  My camera was not helping me out.  But I was using the Dermagist on only one side of my face so we could see if there was a difference.  Yeah, that's right.  Here is proof positive that the the Complete Rejuvenation System worked.  Now I need to use it on the other side of my face more!  

Here are the codes I told you about.  And a gift...yes a giveaway for those that now want the results that you can see.  You get to pick the product you want to use too!

First codes:

826INT will give you 10% off of your bill with no maximum limit to the offer.  
You can get Hydropeutic Body Lotion for free.  Purchase anything for $89 or more and enter the code 826body and you will get the bottle free.  
If you become a VIP member you get 10% off your first order., 15% on your second order and 20% off of your third and the rest of your orders for life.
Dermagist also has a full 30 day money back guarantee.  

Get a Free Product worth $99+.  FOUR DIFFERENT PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE FROM!  You can take advantage of getting a TOTALLY FREE bottle of one of the following products, when you buy something worth $70.

1.  The Neck Restoration Cream
2.  The Eye Revolution Gel
3.  The Phenomenon Dermal Filler
4.  The Acne Scars Fading System
How does it work?
Just add any product to your shopping cart that you want.   Then, enter the PROMO CODE below, that corresponds to the product you want for Free.   When you click the “Apply Code” button, the product will be added to your shopping cart for $0.00
What are the codes?
HOLIDAYNECK   this code gets you a Free Neck Cream
HOLIDAYEYE  this code gets you a Free Eye Gel
HOLIDAYSCAR  this code gets you a Free Acne Scars Fading System
HOLIDAYPHEN  this code gets you a Free Phenomenon Dermal Filler
What are the rules?
The rules are pretty simple.  You must be buying a product worth at least $70, for any of these promo codes to work and you can only use one promo code per order.

Now for the giveaway!

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  1. You would know the codes expire the day before I get paid! lol I have used the eye repair cream before and LOVED it!

  2. I see I see. I think that the skin brightening would be amazing for these dark spots on my face. Marge of Coffee508 @ Yahoo .com

  3. Wow, I think the eye repair cream would be awesome! I'm in my mid thirties now which means I have got to start taking care of my skin- before I get all those lovely lines!

  4. The The Complete Rejuvenation System looks pretty sweet!

  5. I would love to try the Acne Scar Fading Cream.
    lovinhugs36 at hotmail dot com

  6. Reanne Burnett1/9/13, 9:24 PM

    I'd like to try the eye gel for the squinty bright winters! Thanks so much for the chance.
    bringhamsweeps (at) yahoo *dot* com

  7. Oh, the neck cream!!!! In losing 61 pounds so far, I have gained wrinkles in my neck. I have gained a waddle. Who wants a waddle? My second chin has turned in a waddle. What is up with that. I feel like I should put hemroid cream on it and tie my husband tube socks around my neck and over my head. lol

  8. Eye Revolution gel!

  9. I have seen the infomercial and thought it was too good to be if only a bit more affordable. I need all the help I can get!!!

  10. I would love to try the The Skin Tone Correcting System. I would love to get rid of some of these age spots!! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Thank you for sharing. I do see a difference on you and I am going to give it a shot. They should be supplying you for your promo!

  12. The Phenomenon Dermal Filler

  13. The Acne Scars Fading cream, I cannot believe I still get acne as an adult and the scars are harder to go away as I age

  14. I'd like the Eye Revolution Gel to work on the lines around my eyes.

  15. The acne scars because I have them all over my face and back, thanks!

  16. heather says: i would like to win the eye cream because i need it
    hg temp addy at hot mail dot com

  17. Michelle Proper1/25/13, 2:09 PM

    Wow! So many to choose from! I'll take one if each! HaHa! Seems the closer I get to the big 5-0 the more I'm seeing my skin change! But seriously I would love the Complete Rejuvenation System :) Thanks so much and wishing you a blessed New Year!

  18. I would like the The Eye Revolution Gel because I have Under-eye Bags.

  19. the Acne Scars Fading system bc I have a lot of scarring on my face and it really bothers me. thanks for the giveaway!

    Amanda Sakovitz


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