I Am Smitten

I love a good girly book.  You know what I mean.  Not one trying to be exactly like real life but based on real life with some fun mixed in.  Fannie Flagg is an excellent example of a writer who does just this.

Well she has rubbed off on four ladies who made sure to bring that down home feeling into Secretly Smitten.  There are four stories in one book yet each story builds on the one before it.  So in the whole it is the story continued til the finish.  Perfect!  Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter are the four authors who worked this magic.

In Secretly Smitten you meet Grandma Rose, her daughter Anna and her three granddaughters Tess, Zoe and Clare.  Each book tells the story of one of the granddaughters and their mother.  But the book as a whole tells the story of Grandma Rose.  You get mystery, romance, some silliness and a good deal down home advice via the town folk of Smitten, Vermont.  I am telling you this is one northern place I would wanna visit.  It just sounds like a lovely lil country town that is trying hard to stay active in this busy world.  Sorta like my own right here.

 Secretly Smitten Webcast Coble, Billerbeck, Hunter, Hunt

I want to thank the Litfuse Chicks for adding me on to this blog tour. Yes I did get the book. A great fun read.  You wanna join in on the Author Chat party on the 5th of Febuary.  You can also follow along with the Smitten gang on Facebook.

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