Do You Dèjá Vu?

I love how some titles just jump out at you.  Like Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  It makes you want to be there on that dusty road ready to pull that old screen door open and walk in.  You can smell the flavors as they waft on to the sidewalk there.  And you know no matter who you are there is that part of you that is at home.  

Well that is how Dèjá Vu and Fritters Too hit me.  I loved the title and just had to pick it up to read.  It took no time at all to realize I was on to something good.  A intense read to say the least.  More so is that you could feel the characters.  David is that friend you know who is searching to do the right thing.  While Jennifer is searching to find her own place in this world.  Between the two there is cord that seems to strike just the right note.  I will say you not going to put this book down very easy.

Crime, secrets and love unexpressed meet in Dèjá Vu and Fritters Too. David Moreno and Jennifer Corey are two young people from opposite backgrounds who are thrown together by frightening circumstances. But David cannot pursue his heart – doing so could put Jenny in further danger. Author Janet Sharp weaves a tale of crime, courage and unrequited longing in the crime fiction, Dèjá Vu and Fritters Too. David, an undercover cop embedded in a powerful local gang, meets Jenny by chance when he rescues her from a dangerous run-in with local punks. During their brief encounter, David and Jenny initiate a bond that begins to dominate both of their lives. He is unable to reveal his undercover status to Jenny or his friend Suzy, but remains alert to keep a protective eye over both of them. David’s and Jenny’s lives keep touching, if only for fleeting moments. David knows he has fallen in love with her but, for her protection, he cannot let her know his feelings. He's making rapid advancement in his acceptance into gangster Paco’s inner circle, and the information he gathers is vital to the success of his law-enforcement mission. There's too much at risk for him – and for Jenny and Suzy – to fall in love now.

Janet Sharp grew up in Berkeley, Calif., and earned a BA at Fresno State and an MA at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. She and her husband, Bill, taught school and raised four children in California’s Central Valley, and make their home in Modesto. Janet and Bill previously published Generations: A History of the Sharp and Bliss Families from 1776 to 2006. Dèjá Vu and Fritters Too is Janet Sharp's first fiction. 

Thanks so to Janet Sharp for taking the time to send me this book.  She is a wonderful author whom I hope to review for quite often.  

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