Breath In, Breath Out

Whew!  Another week down.  Yet Dear Hubby is still ill.  This is now three months of breathing issues for him.  Today we had to run back to the ER just so we could get him some oxygen.  The poor man was bone white when we got there. 

I am so worried about this.  The Doctors seem to be trying this or that yet I know none of them know what is causing the problem.  I am hopeful we can get to a pulmonologist  close by soon.  Monday he is to contact his doctor so a referral can be made. 

In the mean time he is to rest.  Ha ha!  Yeah at home he can for even now he is napping.  But come Monday morning it will be back to work, trying to breath and praying that he will not lose his job from so much illness.  Do me a favor and pray with us!


  1. Girl, you know that we here will be praying for him to heal quickly. That stuff is so hard to shake once you have bad like that. I learned with just bronchitis that it is nothing to mess with. I have finally learned to get my behind into the Doctor when I start getting it because if not I have it really bad for a good month and then I have recoup time on top of that.

  2. This is just to say that I hope things will be okay for you and your husband. It appears as if you both have been having a lot of tough times with tests and worries about your health. I will pray for you.


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