Whopping Day

Run down, Doctor appointment for Dear Hubby in Abilene Thursday evening.  Only to find out that he was to have his pacemaker replaced first thing Friday morning.  So we booked into a cheap motel for the night.  But we did try out the Middle East Restaurant that I had found online.

Oh it was so delicious.  The lamb and beef were the most tender I had ever eaten.  Our host was the family that owns the place.  Gracious as could be to us at all times.  Provided us with a complete dining experience!  From the start when we chose the dark sweet Arabic coffee all the way to the end savoring our bakalava.  I knew right off we were not just diners but guest and was show the most gracious of dining experiences.

Friday morning brought Dear Hubby to having his pacemaker changed out.  It was an easy surgery but surgery non the less.  Home by 2 pm so that was great.  Dear Hubby rested up while I put together Granny M's surprise 79th birthday party.  Our family gathered to let her know she is so very important to us.  And of course a hot game of Hand n' Foot broke out before we even got to the cake and ice cream.

All in all a very eventful day.  Dear Hubby ending the year with a new battery to keep going and Granny M showing that age never has to slow you down.

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