"Grand" Saturday

Today was the Grandbabes Pickup Trip.  And now I am so happy to have them here to visit.  We have plans for a kids New Years Day party.  Starting off with our special drink.  Here is how we are going to set up the glasses.  I found this thanks to Hey Gorgeous.  I plan on filling the glasses with chocolate milk.

Dear Hubby is mending fine.  I find it interesting that he was glued back shut.  Amazing how things have changed.  Wonder if they will do that when I have brain surgery?  Now no jokes about them helping change my mind or me being narrow minded!

Last night after dinner of lasagna where we all declared ourselves "Garfields", we dug into Granny M's hummingbird cake from her birthday.  Ice cream with syrups on the side too!  Here are two of the grandbabes digging in.



  1. Enjoy those grands!!! And glad hubs is on the mend. I am going to start blogging again this week so hope we can reconnect!

  2. Enjoy your time with the Grands! Glad to hear hubs is on the mend. I am back to blogging starting this week....so hope that we can reconnect.


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