Running the Streets

Today Dear Hubby has to have his pacemaker checked.  That means a 200+ round trip to the doctors office.  Yes, living out in the country has its disadvantages too.  Quiet lifestyle but not much convenience either.

Historic Downtown Abilene, Texas, United States.
Historic Downtown Abilene, Texas, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am going to be 'putting on' my face.  Finding some warm but a lil dolled up clothes to don.  Then off to the semi big city.  When we have to do these lil trips at least it means a dinner out.  With very little here as far as fine dining goes, we like to try something out a bit different.  Now Abilene does not rate on the fine dining scale either.  But at least we can have something that is not found at home.  By the way that lil tall building in the photo there was the Windsor Hotel.  My grandfather helped build this hotel.  While I was in college I lived there.  It had been made into efficiency apartments by that time.  Mine was in the center just three stories from the top of the building.

We could stop by the hotel and nosh on bar food while visiting a friend.  That is always great to catch up on life.  Maybe pop in at the mall for a stroll to do a lil window shopping and a bite of fast food.  But I love more a place where I can sit, be waited on and not feel guilty for the cost of the meal.  Sorta an in between deal.  So I am browsing the web looking for ideas.  This way we might not do the fallout of settling for what we see first off.

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  1. Best wishes to your husband with the new pacemaker!


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