Task Completed

Today I finally managed to get a task done that I had planned for over six
months ago.  Whew, my back and shoulders are killing me but I am happy.

Photograph album of Mr L.G. Watt, NSW Board of...
I have always been known for my massive amount of photos on my walls.  So much so that I ran out of wall space.  So this summer I purchased many photo albums.  Then I took all my photos off the walls and stored them away for a lil time.  Today, finally Dear Hubby and I removed all the photos from the frames and stored the frames.  Then we sorted all of the photos into family groups.  And last but an all day affair I placed them in their appropriate photo albums.

A classical photo album

I am so happy, sore, but happy.  We have a coffee table that has a storage space under the top of it.  It is there that all of my photo albums are stored at.  Now I have them right at my finger tips to share.  And my walls do not look clobbered.


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