All Wrapped Up

Oh my goodness.  I am shocked.  You see last week my niece helped me wrap all of the Christmas gifts for my family.  This is an all day event.  One that is exhausting but thankfully done.  Or so I thought.

Pile of gorgeous gifts

Today  I started to work on my photo album day.  When I was getting everything ready I glanced up at the top of the closet.  Oh no!  That is when I discovered I had another box of gifts stashed up there.  Well I pulled it down and gathered up all of my wrapping paper.  Dear Hubby started helping me and we sorted everything I had stashed.

It took til 6 p.m. to get it all done.  Then I delivered many stacks of gifts.  But I know that it is all done finally.  Fingers are crossed that I do not find any more hidden surprises.

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