Pampered to Perfection

Well we are so happy that Dear Hubby made it home from the hospital yesterday.  A six day stay is plenty enough.  Of course he will still have to finish recovering here at home for another few weeks.  This has already been a month long battle and I expect it will be just finishing up come Christmas.

I am just a lil stressed today too.  You see between caring for our five dogs and one cat here at home, being with Dear Hubby all day each day in the hospital and also squeezing in a house/dog sitting date....whew!  It has put me on edge.  Today I set up the Christmas tree and a few decorations.  Here it is for you.  A lil quieter version than last years.  I washed four of the dog beds to get them smelling a lil less doggie.  Made a homemade veggie lasagna for dinner and then general housekeeping on top of it all.  

What made today a bit more bearable was that it is 85 degrees here in the beginning of December.  The doors are all open and the house airing out.  I also took a lingering bath to help me relax.  First off I shut out the animals and started a warm bath.  Since it is the holidays I treated myself to the sweet scents of my Meyer's orange clove holiday candle.  Oh it does have a lovely scent!  Made the bathroom smell warm and cozy.  I also have a Meyer's Iowa pine holiday candle.  That is the one I will be using in the living room next to my artificial tree.  How fun to not have the mess of a real tree yet still have the pungent ceder with cloves accenting the scent.  Hint Hint here....these are only $2.50 at Target and would be great stocking stuffers!

Now once I had the scents and warm water it was time to add in me and my Dolphin Organics Just Berry body wash.  I giggled when looking at the ingredients.  I knew that coming from Dolphin Organics it would all be natural.  But they were kind enough to tell you why each item is in the body wash.  My favorite was the berries that gave it the scent.  It was in there to be the yummy smell.  There we go!  Yummy is exactly what I want to smell like, at least to Dear Hubby.  I have a bottle of the baby wash from the DO baby line.  Everything there is natural and hypoallergenic.  It is going to be tried out on Princess Emma. We just found out she is allergic to almost everything.  If she can use this with out breaking out then it will be a God send!  Poor girl is doing shots three times a week for her allergies.  I used this last year for part of my newest grandbabes Christmas gift.  They loved it!  Now we are going to start looking to send it out to my daughter's since they have a line for girls too!  I really do smell Y*U*M*M*Y now!

After my bath I felt it was time to doll up a bit.  I sorta feel like I have been slumming it lately.  I have a GlossyBox that is pretty and pink with goodies all inside.  The GlossyBox has 5 different trial size items in it and is sent out once a month to help me pamper, preen and just feel pretty.  You can subscribe and set up the profile for the boxes to be catered just to your likes.  This one has the Illamasqua LTD eye pencil that made me create that smokey effect.  Paired with Kryolan blusher in glossy rosewood, I looked a lil bit like a innocent Christmas elf.  Well at least that is what Dear Hubby said.  He knows I am far from innocent but gosh let's not enjoy the look.  That is not all that I received in my GlossyBox.  Add in Incoco nail polish applique, you know the ones that you peel off and press on your nails.  Easier than trying to do that left handed paint thing. I always mess mine up that way.  Here you peel, press on and file off the extra.  Before I applied the light makeup, I put a lil of the Skin & Co Roma truffle serum.  I know I feel like a pretty pampered pooch at this point.  This is to help me slow down the signs of aging.  Heck I wanna put up great big ol stop signs there.  Oh and did I tell you there was NuMe Style Argan Oil that I used a few drops and massaged into my knees and hands.  You see not only is argan oil used for a moisturizer on your hair and skin but it is also said to help with rheumatism.  I so need some on my shoulders too but I will get Dear Hubby to help as I can not reach where it hurts so much.    GlossyBox would be a wonderful Christmas gift since it would be a gift that gives every month.  What a way to impress your gal and let her know you think she should be pampered.  Just look over in the side column to find your link to GlossyBox!

When I finally came out of the bathroom, I felt so much better.  Ready to tackle the rest of the day or at least tackle Dear Hubby.  To bad he is still recovering and needs his rest.  I do want to thank all of these companies for sending me everything.  It has made me feel amazing, pampered and rejuvenated. I would recommend everyone of these items for my gift guide.  Oh by the way that is the same tree as this year that I decorated last year. It looked 100 times better last year.

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