Nonnie? You Betcha!

I feel so blessed to be lucky enough to be a Grandparent or in my case a Nonnie.  More so because I have been accepted by choice from Dear Hubby's kiddos.  They make sure that I have been included in the lives of their children.

Because of that I am willing to do anything to become a great Nonnie to my grandbabes.  That means staying on top of what they are interested in.  It is also important to have your own bag of tricks available.  You can find those in Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren.  I have found that there is so many great ideas that I had not though of before.  It is sorta like a personal pintrest book focused all on my grandbabes.  Whether you live near to or far from your grandbabes, you can use creative ideas from Grandloving at home or to mail to them.   Inside you will find:

* Hundreds of inexpensive, fun activities for babies to teens
* Tips from 350 families worldwide
* Do-together and long-distance projects
* Heartfelt ideas for holidays, visits, family traditions (here is where I am studying right now.)
* Reminders about child development
* An extensive list of resources
* Hints for using technology to connect  (these Grandbabes catch on to technology a lot faster than I do!)
* Wonderful books to share with grandchildren
* Quick Tips as chapter summaries for busy grands
* An easy-to-use 7-page index

My other favorite is written in poem form (I adore poems).  If I had as Many Grandchildren as You... starts with Lounging in a backyard vegetable garden, Grand Paws, a lion in a baseball cap, tells his human counterpart what he would do “if I had as many grandchildren as you”: take them to the beach to make sand castles, fly with them on an imaginary trip around the world (via a giant unicorn made of driftwood) and help them make costumes for a wild animal parade “through the poppy fields up to the trees / Where grandkids could sing just as loud as they please!” He would read them stories “and teach them to fish / And give them all stars upon which they could wish.” After a rooftop feast of popovers and pink lemonade, “We’d race around chasing big dreams and small bugs / Then gather around for a round of group hugs!”

Oh how I know TK will be having me read this one as a bedtime story book when they visit.  It is so amazing to know I am their Nonnie and I make a difference in their lives.  So having a lil reminder to keep the curiosity of a child can be beneficial to them and myself.  

You see I am still studying every day.  It is something that helps me grow into each segment of my life.  I am so thankful to these publishers and authors for sharing their books with me to review.  

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